The Multicultural University /Michel Woitrin. 1998

המאמר מציג ניתוח תאורטי ופרקטי על שאלות של אוניברסיטה רב תרבותית, תוך התייחסות למקרה הבלגי.

Woitrin, M. (1998). The Multicultural University. Higher Education in Europe,23(1), 71-75.

The idea of a multicultural university can be analysed in terms of three basic types. The first, and
the most difficult, is that of a university that attempts to integrate the various cultures that exist
within a given country. The second and more usual type is a university that is receptive to
cultures from foreign countries. A third type of multicultural university should be distinguished,
one in which the various cultures of different social groups are in dialogue, including the social
cultures that characterize different degrees of economic, social, and political development. The
argument in favour of a multicultural university environment will be drawn from theory and from
the traditions of specific universities. Practical examples derived from the experience of a famous
Belgian university will be cited to illustrate various possibilities.

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