Jewish Arab activism through dialogical encounters: changing an Israeli campus

Tamar Hager , Tuffaha Saba  & Nava Shay, 2011.

This paper introduces a Jewish Arab dialogue model of national encounters
which has been developed at Tel Hai College in Upper Galilee in Israel. These
planned encounters, which have taken place for eight consecutive years within
the framework of a course entitled ‘A Jewish–Arab dialogue – action research’
are recognized as part of the bachelor degree requirement within the Department
of Education. Group meetings designed to build mutual acquaintance and understanding
between Jews and Arabs have been taking place for several decades in
various locations, including Israeli academia. This model is unique as it consciously
directs its participants towards activism in the institution where it is
located. Conceived as a process of reflexive identity study and research, jointly
examining power structures, the course has aimed for extended, on-campus
dialogue between Arabs and Jews, studying, and attempting to reduce the college
reality of structural inequities between these groups, thus effecting actual
social–political change on campus. In this paper we will describe this encounter
model by outlining its characteristics – its objectives and facilitation methods –
in comparison with recognized models, demonstrating how by challenging
established structures of interventions, we created a different model which has
mobilized participants into changing their immediate environment and consequently
their lives.

Hager, T., Saba, T., & Shay, N. (2011). Jewish Arab activism through dialogical encounters: changing an Israeli campus. Journal of Peace Education, 8(2), 193-211

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